How do companies like Dropbox, Spotify, Slack, and HubSpot leverage freemium strategies to grow? What are the different approaches to freemium, and when should (or shouldn’t) they be used? In this episode, I sit down with Dexter Zhuang (Growth & Monetization Manager at Dropbox) to take a deep dive on freemium growth. From acquiring free users, to converting them to paid customers, to reinvesting that money into acquiring more free users, we cover it all and give you a glimpse at examples where it’s all gone right, and a few where it’s gone terribly wrong.

“Spotify has 40 million paid subscribers out of over 100 million monthly active users. The active user to paid subscriber conversion rate is somewhere between 25-40%, which is unheard of. This is an astronomical conversion rate. 80% of all users on Spotify use it multiple times per week.” — Dexter at 19:30

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